GUYS. We are SO close to our adoption fundraising goal. In fact, we are exactly $8,775 away from being fully funded. Which is insane.

All we can say is thank you.

This month, we’re selling shirts to help us close in our goal.

They say that it takes a village.

In our case, it really has.

Without your help and support we wouldn’t be able to build our family. But now, we realize that everyday - through our words, actions, and lives - we are all building family. 

So, if you’re interested, buy a shirt or sweatshirt!


Price: We are selling the t-shirts for $30 and the sweatshirts for $40. The cost is intentionally high so that all profits can help us make progress towards our goal. We profit exactly $14.98 per t-shirt and $15.98 per sweatshirt.

Shipping: The shirts/sweatshirts won’t ship until the campaign is over/shirts are printed. The estimate is July 1.

Thank you!

JP & Rachel

James Hennessy