Finally an update!

I know it has been a while since we have updated everyone on where we are in the adoption process. This is in part because this journey is slow, but also because it is hard. But here are the facts! JP and I have finished and submitted our application. That took about 6 weeks to complete, but it is done, and it has officially been accepted. As of last week, we are in the home study part of the process. Through Gladney, the home study has three parts. We have completed the first of the three, and we will finish the other two parts in the next couple of weeks. After the home study is completed, we will put together our profile book for our potential birth mother! It is all very exciting, and we will continue to update you as this journey continues. Thank you so much for your prayers and continued support. We need and appreciate it all more than you know!

Rachel HennessyComment