Updates Galore, and What's Next


Hello everyone! Well . . . these past few weeks have been a TOTAL whirlwind to say the least. I feel like we JUST posted about our decision to adopt, but JP and I were like, “It’s been a few weeks- we better update people!” haha. First, we have been absolutely stunned by the kindness and generosity of the community around us. Y’ALL. You guys have rallied around us in the most beautiful way, and we are currently $34,300 towards our $47,000 goal. I have called my mom probably 50 times in these last weeks to say, “Have you checked our AdoptTogether page? (sniff, sniff, unintelligible sobbing) Jesus is so good, and our friends are so kind!!!”

Second, this past Friday, JP and I got to go to our Domestic Infant Adoption Orientation through Gladney, which is their first required step towards adoption. It was a full 8 hour day of information, and we were one of 15 couples in attendance. We were taught by caseworkers, attorneys, financial specialists, and social media coordinators. They taught us about the financial and legal aspects of adoption, as well as how our birth mothers will go about choosing us. There was also a panel of birth mothers that made an adoption plan for their babies through Gladney that presented to us, and that was a humbling and intense experience. The most sobering part of the day was when we got to tour the Gladney facility. Many times you will not get to take your baby home from the hospital (or even get to be at the hospital) due to a myriad of reasons, and so the Gladney facility has a designated Placement Room where you get to meet your baby. As we walked into the room, the reality of this whole situation truly set in. This is most likely the place we will meet our baby for the very first time. A million emotions swirled through my head, and they manifested themselves as silent tears rolling down my cheeks. This is the room where our joy will be met with the birth mother’s bittersweet pain. So, as you can imagine, that experience was a little overwhelming, beautiful, and full of anticipation and unknowns.

Since we have completed orientation, we are cleared to fill out our application. I will spare you the details, but this is not “I have 30 minutes to spare, let’s knock this thing out” kind of application. It is tedious, but will set us up so we are ready to start the home study process.

Finally, be on the lookout next week for the launch of our adoption t-shirts! We are so close to our financial goal, but have a little push to get the finish line! Hopefully this will help us get all the way there, and give you all a comfy t-shirt that makes a difference in the process:)

Truly, we love you all, and we are so excited to get to tell our kid someday about all the people that loved him or her before they were even born!



Rachel Hennessy