We seriously can’t believe it. God is so good!!!!!!!!

$47,500 raised in 37 days.

Over the weekend we met our financial adoption goal through some very generous friends and family.

Our AdoptTogether donation page won’t reflect the final number because we were given the gift in the form of a check, BUT WE REACHED OUR GOAL.

We’ll continue to update everyone along the way as we move through the adoption process, but just wanted to provide a short update.

To all who have given financially, to all who have been thinking about us and praying for us, to all who have supported us in a million other ways: THANK YOU. We could not have done any of this alone, so thank you for rallying around us!


A few people have actually asked if they can still give to our AdoptTogether donation page and the answer is yes. AdoptTogether has a “Hennessy” fundraising account that our money is kept in that can be used for future adoptions. So, any additional donations will be set aside for our next adoption.

James Hennessy