All about us.


How did you meet?

We met in our middle school youth group in Irving, Texas. We were friends all through high school, and began dating as JP went off to college. We married young, but we have grown in love and commitment to each other ever since.

How long have you been together?

We’ve been together for 11 years and are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this year.

How old are you?

Rachel is 28 and JP is 30.

Do you have any kids?

We don’t have any kids. We have been pregnant with four children but lost them all at various stages of pregnancy.

Where do you live and what is your community like?

We live in Lewisville, Texas. We specifically picked our neighborhood because of the diversity - we love people from different cultures and backgrounds and really value having friends and neighbors that see the world differently from us.

Do you plan to adopt more kids?

We do. We have always wanted to be parents and want our kiddo to grow up with siblings.

All about Rachel.

Growing up

I was born in Oklahoma but grew up in Lewisville, TX.


We have a BIG family and we spend a LOT of time together. I have two older brothers who are both married and have three kids each. We have 4 nieces and 2 nephews- they are adorable, and we soak up as much Aunt Ray-Ray and Uncle JP time as possible. Throughout the year we spend a lot of time together, and every summer we go on a family vacation. This year we’re going to the beach in San Diego.


I attended Abilene Christian University for a couple of years and later transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences. Then I got my Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from University of Texas at Dallas.


I work as a Bilingual Speech Pathologist for a local elementary school. It is my job and passion to help the voiceless find their voice. It is such a joy to watch children gain new confidence and skills in their communication abilities.


Right now I am about to start my journey as a CASA advocate. I will be helping kiddos in foster care have their needs met, and will hopefully build some amazing relationships with them in the process. On a more superficial level, I love watching make-up tutorials, and baking different sweet treats!

Favorite Food

Anything made from a carb- pizza, cookies, cake- you name it!

Favorite Books

I am honestly not the most avid reader, but I am a connoisseur of children’s books because of my job. My favorites include “Brown Bear, Brown Bear,” or anything with Pete the Cat!

Favorite TV Shows

We love watching comedies like The Office or Parks and Rec, as well as dramas like Game of Thrones.

All about JP.

Growing Up

I was born in Boston, MA and grew up in Coppell, TX.


My family is a blast. My mom and dad - Hugh and Barb - live in Mansfield, Texas. My sister and her husband live in Oklahoma City and both work in Elementary Education.


I went to undergrad at Abilene Christian University and got my masters degree in Communication from San Diego State University.


I work as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Richardson Fire Department. Before I joined the fire department I taught college courses and was a high school youth pastor.


I love to play guitar and bass, read, workout, play basketball, and cook.

Favorite Food

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, blueberries, goldfish.

Favorite Books

For someone who loves books as much as I do, this question is impossible to answer! I have shelves and shelves of books. In particular, I love to read books on theology, medicine, and cooking. I also love good fiction/fantasy, such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Favorite TV Shows

My all-time favorite TV shows are Seinfeld and The Office. Currently, I love to watch Game of Thrones, Barry, and Brooklyn 99.